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Hear what my students have to say about their musical journey


Wendy S.

Jane started teaching two of my children (never played the piano before) online piano lessons last year, as we live in a rural community there are no music teachers available. It is the best thing I have ever done for my children as they love it and there knowledge and skills they have gained is beyond what I could have ever hoped for. Jane is professional, fun and manages to adjust her lessons to suit the different character's and abilities of my children. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn piano to contact Jane as you will not regret it. Well done Jane.

Nakeeta S.

Jane is a wonderful piano teacher. She has taught all 3 of my children over the years, one of which she is still teaching today. She took on my blind autistic son 12 years ago when his previous piano teacher felt she was unable to continue teaching him due to his special needs. Needless to say he flourished under Jane's amazing tuition as she was capable of thinking outside the box. She calmly and expertly nurtured his musical skills and passion for piano. She helped him become a confident and competent musician and guided him to achieve A+ distinction levels on all his AMEB exams. She is a compassionate, calm and creative teacher. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn piano.

Donald T.

Jane Stavrinoudis is revered for her many passions particularly piano teaching.Jane taught my son piano from the age of 10 to 16 yrs with patience kindness respect & always having him playing at the top of his abilities. To hear my child playing so beautifully, filled my mind heart & soul with joy and loveThankyou Jane Stavrinoudis for your dedication to help my son to achieve.You are a true friend and your teaching will always be appreciated. Wishing you all the very best always.

Eagle N

Jane has been the perfect fit for our son for piano. In such a small space of time Niko has learnt so much and Jane helps to teach him on his level. She knows exactly how to get his attention and keep him so enthusiastic. Her passion for music definitely shows in her teachings.

Wilfred B.

Jane is a fantastic piano instructor and mentor who helped me understand and appreciate music to its fullest. I'm grateful for the close and attentive teachings she has given me and fully recommend her tutelage to anybody looking to improve on their musicianship.

Ellie Z.

Best piano teacher! I’ve been with Jane from grade 3 piano through to diploma level.

Contact me for lessons and let's craft your musical journey together!

Maria H.

Jane is not only an amazing human being but a gifted and experienced teacher who goes the extra mile for her students. With that experience, organisation and her strategies she is also able to bring out the best in her students. We are grateful to have her teach our teenage children.

Joanna O.

As an adult learner returning to piano after a 15 year break, Jane has been the ideal teacher. She really understands how to help students learn, and I have full confidence in her teaching ability from young children to adults. Jane has a library of pieces to choose from at each grade which means you can always find pieces that are really enjoyable and motivating to learn. My piano skills have developed much quicker than I expected under Jane's tuition and I am so thankful to be learning from her.

Maria K.

Jane has been a great piano teacher for my son over the years. She has always kept him interested with pieces that he wants to learn, and her patience with children is amazing.


During the 8 years I've been learning under Jane's piano teachings, the best thing about Jane's piano lessons in my opinion is that you get to choose the piano pieces you want to play. When you're stuck on a piece, she gives you some of her own tips and ideas for things such as rearranging a piano piece. She understands the struggles her students have and helps them by managing what they need to do and setting their goals straight. Overall, I'd recommend her to any friend of mine or anyone else willing to learn piano.

Jack McC.

Jane taught me for 10 years. In this time not only did she foster the appreciation of music which has blessed my adult life more than I can articulate, she mentored me to be a good student, musician and performer. My assessment repertoire was designed by Jane with generous input from myself and Jane found a way for me to play my favourite pieces and gain my AMEB Certificate of Performance in the process. I cannot give enough praise to Jane and her teaching practices.

Helder P.

Great teacher with very adaptive techniques for the individual child’s needs. Kids love her, she knows how to make music fun and encourages a wide repertoire that the kids can choose themselves. Fun tunes, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jazz.

Katriel D.

Jane is great teacher. She is able to think out of the box if you're not a conventional learner. She is compassionate, and has lots of knowledge and experience to pass on to her pupils. I highly recommend Jane.

Contact me for lessons and let's craft your musical journey together!

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